1.  Financial Stability: We are mindful of the need to maintain a strong financial position and to be good stewards of our community’s resources to allow us to offer services at the right time and for the right reasons. We rely on a wide variety of sources for funding, including the mill levy, patient services, donations, and grants.

2. Strategic Growth: We are committed to expanding our service offerings based on demonstrated community need. We prepare a business plan for each new service offering that contains volume and financial forecasts, the expected impact on reducing out-migration, and the service’s expected impact on cash reserve and compensation goals.

3. Quality Care and Patient Safety: We consider quality and patient safety to be the foundation of our responsibilities to our patients. We are committed to achieving patient safety goals and to monitoring the quality of care we offer.

4. Wellness: We are committed to offering programs that promote wellness as well as improve the health status and health-related quality of life among those who live in our community.

5. Culture and Talent: We are strong because of our culture and the talents of the people in our organization. We are committed to: attracting and retaining qualified physicians, nurses and other providers, leadership, support staff, and volunteers; supporting activities and practices that make us a desirable employer in the community; fostering a culture of excellence that is integral to everything we do; enhancing our information technology capabilities; communicating openly and honestly with our constituents; and celebrating our individual and collective successes.

6. Emergency Services: We provide a broad range of emergency services to those who live in or visit our community. Through our EMS program, we are first responders. Through our Rural Health Clinic, we provide urgent care. Through our Emergency Department, we provide urgent as well as emergent care.

7. Community Relationships: We actively seek relationships with our constituents and other entities in the community.